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Athletic State of Mind provides high school athletes, coaches, athletic departments, and travel teams with the technology, service, and community they need to manage and promote their recruiting efforts online - all while catering to the mindset and life management strategies it takes to help them thrive at the next level. Our simple, yet effective products and services are positioned in a digitally accessible and affordable way that leads to equal opportunity for all consumers.

Our signature community, The Varsity Club, was created to empower your athletic journey, strengthen your mindset, and simplify the complexities of recruiting. Our transformative series of content is tailor-made for athletes, parents and coaches as it unites you with families sharing your journey, equips you to overcome hurdles, and confidently navigate recruitment. Prep2x isn't just a program - it's your ultimate ally in crafting athletic success. It all starts here.

Our newest contribution to the national recruiting world is our Athlete Rating System, a game-changer for both athletes and college coaches. We set out to revolutionize the recruitment process by combining three essential pillars: athleticism, mindset, and academics. Our system evaluates athletes based on their Epley Performance Index score, providing a comprehensive insight into their power, agility, and speed. We then delve deeper with a TAP Report analysis, revealing their mental fortitude. To complete the trifecta, we factor in their Core GPA, ensuring a holistic view of the student-athlete. This innovative approach ensures that college coaches discover not just talent but the full package of potential, while athletes gain a competitive edge in the recruiting game and areas they need to develop.

In September of 2023, with the goal of helping our athletes find opportunities on digital platforms to build their brand, increase visibility, and market themselves towards college coaches, Athletic State of Mind partnered with The Athletic Academy to provide the most innovative and digitally effective recruiting solutions to prospective student-athletes, coaches, and parents - the Recruiting Platform and The College Search Tool. Our suite of tools allows athletes to store all of their prospect information and recruiting tools under one roof. 

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Empowering Dreams, Elevating Futures: Our mission is to stand by student-athletes, parents, and coaches as unwavering allies on their journey to excellence. We understand the unique challenges you face in athlete development, mental performance, and recruitment. Our commitment is to provide the guidance, resources, and support needed to turn your aspirations into realities. Together, we forge not just athletes, but resilient, confident, and successful individuals prepared to conquer the game of life. Your success is our mission, your dreams are our fuel, and your triumphs are our greatest pride.

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